Our Compassionate Social Services Staff are Always Here For You


Unexpected health and wellness changes that result in individuals needing short or long term inpatient care and services, can require some significant  adjustment in getting acquainted with new surroundings. Patients entering or leaving skilled nursing facilities face a challenging transition getting settled in and comfortable.
This is especially true due to significant functional changes and declines that accompany an unplanned hospitalization. The Social Service and Case Management staff are ready, waiting, and always willing to go the extra mile to help you make sense of a complex process that transitions from hospital to rehab to home care, or adjust to long term care if you need that too. Our team is specifically trained to assist you and your loved one through every part of the process.  Listed below are examples of programs that the special people in this department offer :



  • Interviews conducted after admission aimed at assessing emotional well-being, counseling needs, and cognitive levels
  • Comprehensive Discharge Planning, providing resources for community services, home health care, medical equipment, and education and training for patients ready to go home but uncertain about what they may need or how to get it
  • Provide resources, contact information, and arrange appointments for Private Duty Care, Care Managers, Placement Agencies, and Community and Civic organizations like the Veterans Administration and Alzheimer’s Association
  • Arrange for on-site ancillary medical services including Professional Counseling, Psychiatry, Dental, Audiology (hearing), and Optometric (Eye & Vision) care.
  • Provide comprehensive guidance and assistance to understand and complete optional Health Care Advance Directives
  • Referrals to inpatient or at-home Hospice Care and Services
  • Review your basic insurance plan coverages and length of stay expectations as they relate to your progress toward discharge
  • Be your support system. We listen to you and encourage you to share your thoughts about your experience.  When you need emotional support and coping strategies to help you navigate through difficult challenges, we are here for you.