Speech Therapy Specialized to Treat Swallowing Difficulties and Communication Disorders

8399903Swallowing disorders (dysphagia) and communicative speech or language pathologies found in adults and the elderly are most commonly associated with conditions such as strokes, TIA’s, Parkinson’s, and progressive Alzheimer’s dementia. Other conditions involving certain types of head, neck, and throat cancers, or injuries to the brain or throat can also affect normal swallowing and speech. Cognitive problems with speech are often associated with falls that resulted in injuries that required hospitalization and medication changes.

We know that Speech Therapy can be one the most critical components of the rehab process of recovery, so all new admissions are screened to identify any appropriate necessity for daily treatment. Long term residents are also periodically screened and tracked as well, to identify any outpatient needs for these services. Recommendations are provided to the attending physicians, who will issue an order for treatment to initiate.

Treatments provided by our experienced licensed therapists include but are not limited to:

  • Therapeutic Vocal and Aphasic Cueing Exercises
  • Speech Re-education and Re-training
  • Swallowing Studies
  • Recommendations for Diet Consistencies & Restrictions
  • Table Side Mealtime Re-training for Practice & Safety
  • Vital Stim Treatments