We’ll Help with a Full Range of Therapy to Get You Back on Your Feet

2270568At one time or another, nearly everyone has needed some form of therapeutic service, whether it’s a 10-year-old boy who broke an arm or a 40-year-old woman who fractured an ankle in an awkward step off a gas station island. Most get the therapy they need on an out-patient basis, and in short order.

For those who are older and have encountered a serious injury, sustained or sudden illness or even elective surgery, the therapeutic process can be more involved and longer. For them, outpatient service very often simply isn’t an option.

Hamlin Place of Boynton Beach understands and offers extensive rehabilitation services designed to aggressively assist individuals to return to their prior level of functioning after suffering such traumas as stroke, bone fractures, surgery, or disease.

Our goal? To help residents “relearn” the skills needed to resume their normal routine. Our rehab team treats the whole patient, incorporating not just physical therapies but including help with emotional and social needs. In short, we want the people who seek our care to get back to their favorite activities such as hobbies, volunteering, or cooking a meal.

Physician-directed rehabilitation services are provided by a full complement of licensed therapists. We can also arrange podiatry, dental, optometry and psychological services. For the convenience of our residents, some diagnostic procedures are available here at our facility.