Concierge Service at Hamlin Place, The Right Way to Get Started


In today’s competitive environment, we are keenly aware that our customers’ expectations are very high. Through practice and experience, we understand the need to consistently go above and beyond. To reach our goal in exceeding your expectations, the primary role of the Concierge is assisting each new admission through their initial adjustment period.

It’s  fairly common during the first few days after arrival for new rehab patients to have questions about physicians’ orders for medications, treatments, therapy, diet restrictions, our menus and dining services, etc.  Our Concierge ensures that you’ll receive answers, while guiding you through your transition from the hospital, as you get accustomed to our staff and comfortable with your new rehab schedule and daily routines.

Even before you arrive at our front door, we understand that depending on your circumstances, you might only be having minimal difficulties, but on the other hand, you could be completely overwhelmed. Either way, once you and your family arrive, we anticipate everybody needing some degree of extra attention during the first few days, to resolve whatever issues or concerns arise, as quickly and smoothly as we can. Our Concierge takes the lead to see that your concerns are addressed and your worries minimized.

You are here to get well. We want to see that all your concerns, big or small, are addressed as efficiently and promptly as possible, so that small concerns don’t become big ones, and to avoid delays so that you can continue moving forward and begin making progress right from the start. Our Concierge is here to ensure that your concerns are communicated to the appropriate staff or department managers, and the sooner a solution is implemented, the better.

We hope that you will please allow our Concierge to assist you in troubleshooting whatever concerns may arise.