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We Offer a Full Range of Therapy to Get You Back on Your Feet

Most everyone has needed some form of therapeutic service at one time or another. For those who are older and have encountered a serious injury, sudden illness or even elective surgery, the therapeutic process can be more involved and take longer. For them, outpatient service simply isn’t an option.

Hamlin Place offers extensive rehabilitation services designed to assist individuals to return to their prior level of functioning after suffering such traumas as stroke, bone fractures, surgery, or disease.

Our goal? To help residents “relearn” the skills needed to resume their normal routine. Our rehab team addresses complete wellness of the patient, incorporating not just physical therapies but including help with emotional need and support.

Physician-directed rehabilitation services are provided by a full staff of in-house licensed therapists. We can also arrange podiatry, dental, optometry and psychological services.

How Occupational Therapy Works to Help Regain Skills Used Every Day

The Occupational Therapy discipline focuses on necessary everyday functions, tasks, and activities that individuals want and need to try to accomplish independently throughout the course of a typical day.

Hamlin Place’s OT programs begin with individualized evaluations that develop a therapeutic treatment plan for adults seeking to recover all levels of independence that may have declined or been reduced.

At Hamlin Place, a team of Occupational Therapy professionals will assess your needs and initiate treatments, providing you an opportunity to regain skills and achieve your maximum level of independence, as you progress towards your return back home into your community.

Occupational Therapy treatment modalities include:

  • Re-training and teaching daily functional tasks towards independence (dressing, grooming, bathing, toileting)
  • Fall prevention education and training
  • Functional mobility
  • Exercises and training designed to improve endurance, strength, coordination and balance
  • Cognitive and perceptual training
  • Homemaking and home management skills

Physical Therapy Is Key to Regaining Strength and Endurance

Hamlin Place Physical Therapists work in conjunction with our Orthopedic Surgical Consultant and attending physicians, to treat various functional impairments and disabilities. Their role is to help patients increase muscle strength, flexibility, improve balance, stamina, and functional endurance, all of which are intended to maximize individuals’ progress towards independence, as you return to your prior level of function with increased safety.

At Hamlin Place, we are extremely proud of our experienced and dedicated PT team of therapists and their assistants. You will undoubtedly come to find that they are the real stars of your rehab, your daily partners on the road to your recovery. They continue to achieve an amazing success rate with patients, as they guide you step by step.

Although you may arrive here from the hospital on a stretcher, don’t be surprised when they may just have you dancing out our main entrance on your discharge day to go home.

Physical Therapy interventions and treatment modalities include but are not limited to:

  • Gait Training
  • Balance activities
  • Therapeutic exercises
  • Neuromuscular re-education
  • Pain management

Some of our specialized treatment programs include:

  • Post-operative rehabilitation for elective orthopedic hip and knee replacements
  • Post-acute fracture care rehabilitation
  • Cardiac rehabilitation
  • Stroke rehabilitation

Speech Therapy Specialized to Treat Swallowing Difficulties and Communication Disorders

We know that Speech Therapy can be one the most critical components of the rehab process of recovery, so all new admissions are screened to identify any appropriate necessity for daily treatment. Recommendations are provided to the attending physicians, who will issue an order for treatment to initiate.

Treatments provided by our experienced licensed therapists include but are not limited to:

  • Therapeutic Vocal and Aphasic Cueing Exercises
  • Speech Re-education and Re-training
  • Swallowing Studies
  • Recommendations for Diet Consistencies & Restrictions
  • Table Side Mealtime Re-training for Practice & Safety
  • Vital Stim Treatments
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