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Rehabilitation Specialty Programs at Hamlin Place

Specialty Programs are under the direction of our visiting specialist (Orthopedic surgeon, Cardiologist, Physiatrist, and Pulmonologist), and in conjunction with your attending physician, our facility is pleased to offer a variety of specialized rehabilitation programs, each designed and individually tailored to assist you to return to your prior level of function.

Specialty Programs

The goal of these rehab programs is to help you to relearn the skills needed to resume your normal routines after an illness or injury. At Hamlin Place we treat the whole patient, paying close attention to your medical needs and your emotional well-being. Through years of experience, we’ve learned that’s the best and quickest way to restore you to your optimum level of independence.

Among the specific rehabilitation programs we provide are:

Our goal? To help residents “relearn” the skills needed to resume their normal routine. Our rehab team addresses the complete wellness of the patient, incorporating not just physical therapies but including help with emotional needs and support.

Physician-directed specialty programs rehabilitation services are provided by a full staff of in-house licensed therapists. We can also arrange podiatry, dental, optometry and psychological services.

Specialty Programs
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