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Hamlin Place’s Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I know if I need, or if I could benefit from, a short term stay at a skilled rehabilitation facility?

A: If you are currently hospitalized, (or had been within the last 30 days), due to illness, a fall, or surgery, and will require some assistance with any of your normal daily routines, walking, dressing, cooking, eating, bathing, and toileting, you certainly can and will benefit from our variety of in-patient specialized rehabilitation and therapy programs that enable patients to return home with their highest practicable prior level of functioning.

Q: What is the process for being admitted to our skilled nursing facility?

A: To make arrangements for admission, you or your family member should inform your hospital Case Manager, (or your attending physician), that you want to be transferred to Hamlin Place as your first choice for rehab care. Your Case Manager or Physician’s Office will contact our Admissions Office and get the process started.

Q: What forms of insurance normally pay for short term rehab?

A: At Hamlin Place, we accept Medicare, Humana, and Private Pay.

Q: What Skilled Nursing & Rehab services are covered by Medicare?

A: At Hamlin Place, Medicare Part A will cover your semi-private room and board, nursing care, meals and snacks, medications, ancillary services, therapy, medical supplies, but you must have a minimum three-day hospital qualifying stay, prior to admission to our skilled nursing facility.

Q: Using my Medicare Part A SNF benefits, what costs are patients responsible for?

• Days 1-20: If you arrive with a new 100-day benefit (you were not in any other skilled nursing facility within the last 60 days), there is no cost, except for non-emergency non-diagnosis related transportation, or Beauty Shop services.

• Days 21-100: There is a $194.10 per day co-pay. If you have a Medicare supplement, our Business Office can verify your coverage, to determine whether or not your policy covers your co-pay, and if so, how much is covered. The Business Office staff will let you know what your insurance company covers, to make you aware of the cost you are responsible for.

Q: Which physicians practice at Hamlin Place?

A: We have several internal medicine doctors, gerontologists, and specialists with privileges here. If your own personal physician is not already on staff, we are always pleased to have them request admitting credentials. When you complete your rehab program and it is time for you to leave, you will be provided with specific discharge instructions and medication orders that will be very important for you to review with your personal physician.

Q: What kind of therapy will I receive, and how much?

A: Our licensed therapists complete your evaluations and provide your treatments in the three disciplines of physical, occupational and speech therapy services. The frequency and amount of your therapy depend upon your physician’s judgment, your medical condition, and the recommendation of your therapist, and typically increases along with your level of strength and tolerance.

Q: Does the facility offer short term Respite Care?

A: Hamlin Place is pleased to provide private pay Respite Care. If applicable, Hospice does cover the cost for Respite Care at our facility for home-bound patients.

Q: What other medical and ancillary services are available on a consultation basis?

A: At your attending physician’s discretion, Hamlin Place can provide additional on-site services including Cardiology, Orthopedics, Dentistry, Optometry, Audiology, Psychology Counseling, Psychiatry, Podiatry, Physiatry, Radiology, Clinical Laboratory, and Swallowing Diagnostics.

Q: Does Hamlin Place accommodate special dietary requests?

A: Our Registered Dietitian, Dietetic Tech, Food Service Director, Chefs, and kitchen staff work together to coordinate your nutritional requirements, dietary needs, and preferences. Our menus offer a wide variety of entree’s and substitutions are available upon request.

Q: What personal items should I bring when I’m admitted?

A: Residents should bring comfortable clothing, shoes with a non-skid surface, toiletries, pajamas, slippers, etc. We recommend against bringing valuables, jewelry, cash, checkbooks, or credit cards. if you can give those items to family or friends for safekeeping. Cell phones, laptop computers, and tablets are fine and will operate with our free Wi-Fi service. If no alternative is available, we can store your valuable items, but our space for this is limited.

Q: Are personal laundry facilities available on site?

A: Laundry services are complimentary for all patients and residents, and are done on-site. Labeling of all clothing items is required so that items can be returned in a timely manner.

Q: Are transportation services available if I need to go to my doctor’s office?

A: Yes, we have our own shuttle bus to take you to doctor’s appointments or we will be glad to set up medical transport for you.

Q: When I have questions or concerns, who should I talk to?

A: Our team at Hamlin Place is here to help you. Your questions are important to us. If you have an issue with our care and services, we absolutely want to know right away, so that we can address them to your satisfaction and alleviate your concerns. Depending on the matter at hand, we want you to speak with the most appropriate party to provide accurate, prompt answers. For example, the most qualified person to speak with about your medical condition or your medications is always your doctor, but if the doctor isn’t available, our Unit Managers and your nurses will try their best to provide you with the most information they are qualified to give. If you are curious about how you’re treatments are coming along, our Director of Therapy can provide you with a ‘Progress Update’. Our Social Worker and Case Manager can answer questions about Home Health services and equipment, and private duty home care agencies. Our Administrator and Director of Nursing are always available, and they truly appreciate any and all feedback you wish to provide about our employees and services. Our Concierge is assigned to assist you from admission through the first several days, to help you and your family understand the whole rehab process, and to get you settled in and on your way to a speedy recovery.

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