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Intensive Orthopedic Transitional Rehabilitation for Joint Replacements, Fractures, and Falls

Hamlin Place is most proud of the thousands of successful rehabilitation outcomes we’ve provided through our Orthopedic Transitional Care Program. Through that process we’ve learned enormously about the many different concerns that patients can have, questions about everything from frequency of therapy treatments, to pain management, to how soon will you be able to go home.

After many years of experience, we fully appreciate the level of anxiety new patients can have upon arrival after hospitalizations, surgeries, accidents, or falls. You can be assured that our team is ready to begin your successful transition, and the individualized plan that we will develop for you will ensure that you should complete your treatments and return home in the shortest possible time.

To accomplish that, we have assembled the very best team of experienced specialist physicians and therapists at Hamlin Place to provide you with a comprehensive rehab plan. If we can get you back up on your feet and send you safely home in a reasonable period of time, we know that we will have met your expectations, but that’s still not enough for us. For more than 20 years, we have strongly supported the people of central Palm Beach county by providing quality service to our local community. It really doesn’t matter if we are not the newest place in town, because we are committed to be the facility with the best rehab program in our community, so that when we exceed your expectations, we know that you will recommend Hamlin Place to your friends and neighbors.

Our Orthopedic Transitional Care Program Director is renowned specialist surgeon Dr. Brian E. Coleman, M.D., a Board Certified and Fellowship-Trained physician from South Palm Orthopedics Group in Delray Beach. Dr. Coleman directs the program in conjunction with our staff of attending physicians. Our physiatrist is Dr. Charles W. Graubert, M.D., from the Orthopedic Center of Palm Beach County. These two excellent doctors consult closely with our team of therapists to monitor your progress, with emphasis on healing and pain management. This team approach allows you to maximize the benefits of your treatments as you continue working to reach your prior level of functional independence and towards discharge.

When you’ve progressed to reach approximately 50% of your goals, its already time to begin preparations to return home, and the therapy team will plan for your ‘Ready, Set, Go’ program. This involves an evaluation of your home environment and your community, to plan for how you will successfully navigate and negotiate stairs, steps, accessing and parking your car at home and when traveling to stores where you shop, and other integral aspects of your daily routine like bathing, cooking, and cleaning.


Most Common Conditions Treated 

  • Hip Replacements            website pic24
  • Knee Replacements
  • Hip Fractures
  • Ankle Fractures
  • Shoulder, Arm,, Elbow, & Wrist Fractures
  • Falls Resulting in Trauma Injuries
  • Vehicle Accidents Resulting in Injuries
  • Spinal & Cervical Fractures


Your comprehensive rehab program will be coordinated in conjunction with our Care Plan team, incorporating evaluation and ongoing periodic assessments to determine other appropriate care and services from our Dietitian, Nurses, Social Worker, and Therapeutic Recreation professionals. They all will work closely with your therapists and attending physician to follow and monitor each discipline of your care. We include you and your family’s input and feedback in Care Plan conferences and throughout your stay to ensure that questions and concerns are answered and addressed promptly.