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17 Tips And Remedies For The Flu

The “best” flu remedy seems to vary by whom you talk to. Some people think that certain over-the-counter medications are the best way to get relief. Others feel homeopathic remedies work the best. Still, others believe that only their doctor…

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Diabetes Today, the Disturbing Truth

Diabetes is the fifth-deadliest disease. Since 1987 the death rate has increased by 45 percent. In 2002, diabetes claimed an astonishing 224,092 lives in the United States alone. It is believed that the number was higher since most deaths of…

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How To Spot Elder Abuse

The following acts describe elder abuse among family and members of the household, any nursing home staff, or any individual. Detecting Elder Abuse: When somebody attempts or causes physical injury to an elderWhen the family member or staff of a…

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Medication and Older Adults

You are a partner in your health care. This is a partnership between you, your doctor, and your pharmacist. You need to be assertive and knowledgeable about the medications you take. The Food and Drug Administration is also working to…

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Caregiving Tips for Boomers

5 Tips for Decreasing the Cost of Caring for Elderly Parents Over 30 million Baby Boomers provide countless hours of assistance to elderly parents at no charge. It is estimated that using average hourly wages, the total amount of this…

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