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Community Update From Our Administrator: October 2022

Community Update From Our Administrator: October 2022

Dear Family, Friends, Residents and Community,

I am sure that all of you have just been through weeks of preparation and worry about the Florida Hurricane Season. We are so grateful that Palm Beach County and specifically Hamlin Place remained safe with no severe consequences of Hurricane Ian. However, we just never know what may come next. That is why all of us at Hamlin Place work all year round to plan and prepare for Hurricanes and for any other type of disaster that might come our way.

Every year I submit an updated Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan for Hamlin Place to The Palm Beach Department of Public Safety Division of Emergency Management. It has very specific requirements that outline all the necessary policies and procedures required to keep our Residents, ourselves and sometimes family and community members safe throughout any emergency situation. Our regulatory agencies also require us to have this manual ((C.E.M.P) updated and approved yearly.

To make this process truly effective we have mandatory trainings with all staff on Hurricane Preparedness, Fire Safety, Active Shooter Drills, Elopement Training and Drills, and Disaster Table Top Exercises. We also have a Federal Disaster Book updated yearly that contains many specific elements required for the event of a National Emergency. Preparing for the worst is truly the best way to stay calm and functional when any emergency happens. However – the most important part of our disaster planning is our Team Members. In the event of a Hurricane warning, we are an essential part of the plan. We have two management groups – Team “A” and Team“B” to ensure that one team is in place before the storm starts and remains in the facility throughout the storm and then the other team replaces them after we have gone through the storm. We stay with our Residents throughout a Hurricane to keep them calm and safe and because they are the focus and the very essence of our purpose as professionals.

Fortunately, this storm was uneventful for Hamlin Place and our surrounding area. Going forward, it is important for the peace of mind and comfort of our Residents, Friends and Community to know that we strive to always be prepared for whatever comes our way. If anyone is interested in learning more about our Disaster Plans and Training you are always welcome to visit us for more information. Stay safe and thank you for being a part of our Community at Hamlin Place.


Ellen B. Alperen, PhD., MBA, LNHA

2180 Hypoluxo Road

Lantana, Florida 33462

561-582-3000 I Fax 561-582-2675

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