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How To Find The Right Skilled Nursing Facility For Your Loved One

How To Find The Right Skilled Nursing Facility For Your Loved One

What Is A Skilled Nursing Facility?

Also commonly called nursing homes, skilled nursing facilities provide round-the-clock care for aging loved ones. These facilities offer 24/7 nursing care, 3 meals a day, and often also have rehabilitation services. Some people stay in skilled nursing facilities for short periods, such as after a surgery or injury. Most, however, live there as residents when family members can no longer provide the necessary care at home. What should people look for in a skilled nursing facility (SNF) for a loved one?

Consider staffing

First and foremost, the staff of the facility are the people who will be interacting with loved ones the most. Are these staff members at the skilled nursing facility friendly, caring, empathetic, and professional? What are the certifications and experience of employees? Also, inquire how long staff have been at the facility. Asking about turnover rates can provide valuable insight into the quality of a facility.

Observe the environment

Skilled Nursing Facility

During a tour, consider the overall environment. Are there natural lighting options? Do residents have free reign to decorate personal space? Does the facility seem clean? Also, observe residents’ grooming. This can provide affirmation that residents are being cared for well.

Ask about activities

For seniors to stay healthy, regular activity and socialization are crucial. Assess whether the facility provides opportunities for seniors to interact and participate in activities. Will a loved one be able to move and exercise safely? Are residents friends with each other? A sense of community is crucial to help a loved one feel more at ease.

Location, location, location

If possible, find a facility that is close to home. Proximity makes visiting and gathering for holidays much more comfortable. Regular family visits are a crucial factor in a senior’s well-being. Consider how far is too far to drive regularly? If a loved one is an hour away, will family members visit often? The location should not be the only deciding factor, but definitely should be considered.

Understand the costs of Skilled Nursing Facility

Many facilities will not reveal costs unless asked. Knowing if a facility fits into the budget is crucial. Start the search online and understand what costs will be out-of-pocket and which are covered by Medicare.

Make a second visit

During a scheduled visit, employees are putting the best foot forward. After the first visit, try making an unscheduled visit. Consider stopping by at a different time of day or on a different day of the week. While people should understand that staff may not be able to give visitors the same level of attention as the first visit, the facility should still be running smoothly. Reach out today to learn more about skilled nursing facility options.

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