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Community Update From Our Administrator: Summer Heat And Hydration – August 2023

Community Update From Our Administrator: Summer Heat and Hydration – August 2023

July 2023 was one of the hottest months on record in recent history. I wanted to share some vital information on the importance of good hydration for older adults. Many people wonder “Why do we need to drink so much water?” Drinking water is always important no matter what your age. Hydration keeps joints well lubricated, prevents infection and keeps organs functioning as they should. Hydration can improve sleep function, brain cognition and our moods. In the summer – hydration is especially important because it helps regulate our body temperature.

Knowing this, why is it especially important for seniors to drink more water? First of all, older adults do not conserve water as efficiently as a younger adults. Seniors very often lose their sense of thirst and therefor just forget to drink enough fluids. Also, with seniors, the increased use of medication can add to dehydration and incontinence can sometimes lead to less water intake in an effort to decrease accidents.

Multiple studies prove specific benefits to proper fluid intake for seniors including increased function for rehabilitation efforts, reduced falls and some reductions in male bladder cancer and lower rates of fatal coronary heart disease and postprandial hypotension.

Signs of dehydration may include headache, constipation, lack of energy, muscle cramps and confusion, low blood pressure, rapid breathing and a weak pulse. There are various opinions on how much water we should drink but the general consensus is eight 8-ounce glasses per day. However, each person is different and your physician would be the best source of specifics in any hydration program. Remember that fruit juice, coffee, tea and flavored drinks help to hydrate the body as well. (Family/

All of us here at Hamlin Place wish you a happy and safe summer. If you do go for a walk or to the beach – be sure to wear a hat and use your favorite sunscreen. Also, remember to take your water with you when you enjoy our warm Florida weather! But when the temperatures are very high, please follow the “Heat Stroke Prevention Tips” included on our webpage.

Best Regards for Great Health

Ellen B. Alperen, PhD, MBA, Administrator

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